My day of fall mini sessions are always fun for me, despite feeling a bit at the mercy of the northwest weather patterns which are rather unpredictable this time of year. We ended a glorious 80 day stretch of sunshiny days....just the day before this day. Erg. Good thing we had a covered location if we needed it (and I did for the last three sessions of the day!). The best thing was that everyone was in good spirits and ready to go for it.

First up was Maebry and her beautiful mom, Meghan. It's been such a blessing for me to watch this little girl grow up and to hear of her hitting milestones. She beamed at me but now that she's a girl on the move, she was more interested in walking than sitting for me. I don't blame her ;).

Right at the beginning, though, we perched her up on a bench with her mom.

01-IMG 0478 copy

02-IMG 0480 cop1

Oh goodness, that sunshiny smile and adorable coat had me laughing.

03-IMG 0487 copy

04-IMG 0494 copy


05-IMG 0498 copy




07-IMG 0510 copy


08-IMG 0512 copy

2-IMG 0515 copy


09-IMG 0516 copy

1-IMG 0517 copy


11-IMG 0556 copy


12-IMG 0566 cop1

I showed Maebry the stream and that was it. She wasn't about to leave the water. She stomped in the stream and rolled in a mud. I apologized to Meghan for bringing her there and Meghan just laughed and told me she'd just toss that whole outfit in the wash.

14-IMG 0586 copy


15-IMG 0596 copy


16-IMG 0608 copy

Try and tell a little girl who's a year and a half to stay out of the water? Who am I kidding :). Good thing we got her all clean and smiling with her mom at the beginning!