There is not much more that reminds me of God’s grace than a precious newborn.  The fact that we are given little souls to love and cherish and nurture is such a gift.  While newborn days are filled with sleeplessness, figuring out a little person who has very distinct wants and needs (and can let us know about them loudly!), and an avalanche of baby supplies, it is all underpinned by the crazy, overwhelming love we have for the tiny ones who now are ours.

Liam has been so wanted and prayed for and he really is the answer to the prayers of Elizabeth and Matt and all those that love them.  He is a perfect and a true gift.  What a treat it was to go and capture the love they have for their chubby cheeked new fellow with the red hair.  He was super cuddly and preferred to be cozied up with his parents for most of our time together.  That’s generally how newborns spend those first days, anyways, bundled up and cradled by the ones who can finally put to sight the one that they have loved for a long time.

Matt and Elizabeth, I hope these pictures always remind you of these sweet days.


If only Liam would open up his eyes, he’d see what he’ll look like when he’s all grown up.



These were some special shots that we took of this sweet boy who was prayed for and committed to the Lord just like Hannah prayed for a son and was heard by the Lord.


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