She was the worship leader at kids’ camp this year and I was so thrilled each morning and evening to be in chapel as she led the kids (and cabin leaders and staff) in worship.  It was fun and I am not quite sure how she danced and sang and played guitar at the same time!  I also appreciated how Kristi pastored the kids as she led and taught them to open their hearts to God who loves them.  What a blessing!

I was thrilled when she asked about doing family pictures.  I know it’s going to be  a good night when I arrive and kids who don’t know me yet, give me a hug right off the bat.  Noah and Emma were awesome, so easy to play and engage with.  Kristi and Paul were laid back and knew how to get the great smiles out of the kids by playing and Paul asked Noah for a few of his best knock knock jokes which worked perfectly!  I can’t create the connections but it sure is a pure pleasure to document the relationships and love in a family.  In their family it was hard to miss.

01-Zimmerman2014-202-Zimmerman2014-303-Zimmerman2014-404-Zimmerman2014-605-Zimmerman2014-1006-Zimmerman2014-1107-Zimmerman08-Zimmerman2014-1509-Zimmerman2014-1610-Zimmerman2014-17Noah showed me his new tricks of whistling and snapping his fingers.  I was impressed!11-Zimmerman2014-2112-Zimmerman113-Zimmerman2014-2614-Zimmerman2014-2815-Zimmerman2014-3116-Zimmerman2014-3317-Zimmerman2014-3518-Zimmerman2014-3619-Zimmerman2014-3820-Zimmerman2014-4021-Zimmerman2014-4222-Zimmerman2014-4423-Zimmerman2014-46

Could not resist this little outtake of the two year old doing what two year olds do.24-Zimmerman2014-5525-Zimmerman226-Zimmerman2014-5627-Zimmerman2014-5728-Zimmerman2014-6629-Zimmerman2014-69

What a smile!30-Zimmerman2014-75-231-Zimmerman2014-72

Noah showed me a few of his karate moves.  I stayed out of his way!32-Zimmerman333-Zimmerman2014-6134-Zimmerman2014-63

Thank you for the opportunity to photograph your beautiful family!!