Korinna is a person who is full of love. Her precious girls are evidence of this. She extends herself to a lot of people, including many who possibly are not very noticed by others. To our family, she has lavished us with gifts, encouragement, warmth and kindness. And she gives me chocolate :). It is a blessing to see her in love and we wish her and her fiancee, Rick, the very best as they marry and also join two families together.

Rick was awesome. He said it had been years since his last professional pictures (prom, perhaps?) Once he realized these engagement pictures were low key and he just got to hug and kiss and laugh with his pretty girl (and get a few instructions from me), he was on it. They are very happy. After knowing each other their whole lives (they were guessing they first met when they were five or six), they are pretty happy together to say the least.

01-IMG 7693 copy


02-IMG 7703 copy

03-IMG 7706 copy

04-IMG 7714 copy

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33-IMG 8036 copy

After slogging through some soggy months here in Washington, a sunny afternoon was just perfect. I had a lot of fun playing around in the different lights and caught some lens flare.

32-IMG 8061 copy

34-IMG 8079 copy

35-IMG 8089 copy

36-IMG 8119 copy

37-IMG 8139 copy

38-IMG 8179 copy

39-IMG 8157 copy

"Love you more" is a great goal for your marriage...all of God's richest blessings to you!

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