Photographing a family gives me a special vantage point and often I leave feeling really blessed, not just by the experience of photographing great people, but by seeing all the crisscrosses of affection, teasing, laughing and love between  the family members.  I became friends with Jenny a few years ago when I was expecting Theo.  When on bedrest she came by with a bunch of cute clothes for me and a bag of books to read through the long days.  What an encouragement it was during that time!  Then she came and did newborn pictures with our family once Theo was born.  She’s always been so warm, encouraging and real during every interaction we’ve had. 

I was really thrilled when we started planning their family session this fall.  We’d kicked around being at the beach but in the end, the window of time that we had hit at high tide so though we were at the waterfront in Tacoma, we mostly photographed in a park there.  We had beautiful light and had a lot of fun.  I really enjoyed talking and hanging out.  They were so easygoing and fun and it’s clear to see that their love runs deep.

I knew we’d be off to a great start when Clara was game for the first shot….

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