My  kids and I were out for breakfast during  mid winter break.  It was a rainy week and I was struggling to find things to do with the crazies and food always helps!  I always have my radar on with other big families and in the midst of all the other retired couples and guys downing four egg scrambles with tables of buddies, there was another family with four kiddos.  Add to that a newborn baby (and we are all baby lovers!) plus the new baby was wearing giraffe pants (and we LOVE giraffes) and my kids and I were smiling in their direction.  They saw us too and apparently noticed me prowling around our table with my big camera taking way too many pictures.  We chatted on our way out and admired the baby and they asked for my contact information.

I was so thrilled to hear from them and have the opportunity to go to their home and photograph Merry and Markus’ beautiful family.  Girls, girls, girls…all that sugar and spice and giggling made me happy. Josephine and Elizabeth were showing me their tricks and bedroom and chatting up a storm.  Little Emily preferred to be on the run (who doesn’t at sixteen, almost seventeen months?) but her mom and dad worked hard to help me capture her grin and big brown eyes.  And wee Anna was unbelievable…at just a month, so incredibly chilled out and easygoing…she didn’t make a peep the whole time.

I know the crazy business and happiness of a houseful of kids.  Merry and Markus, I hope these pictures will always be a reminder of this wonderful season of your lives!    The love you have for your precious girls and each other is obvious.


We did a few extras of little Anna with her mom and dad to celebrate her addition to the family.31-4sweetgirls-6932-4sweetgirls-7133-4sweetgirls-7234-4sweetgirls-7335-4sweetgirls-7536-4sweetgirls-7737-4sweetgirls-78

Emily was done with being captured at this time so she did a bit of running back and forth.   I had to laugh at the ones of her trying to escape her daddy’s arms.  That’s real life with toddlers!


Merry and Markus, thank you for this opportunity!