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I heard recently that photography is a language and I agree with all my heart. I am trying to become more and more fluent in that language so I try to pick up my camera every day and shoot something. Because this photography business is at its beginning and because I really do want to keep it managable and stay-at-home-mom-friendly, what I often have as subjects are my own I am going to be blogging about my family a lot, probably. But I promise it will always include photography and not include any philosophical poetry. That said....

We took a fun little after dinner trip to the park the other night and Auntie Meghan and I decided to make Tymen practice walking....and that he did, to our delight. Love the profile of my skinny little guy with his belly stuffed with pierogies.IMG 3060 copybw

After his brother decided to wait 18 long months to get on the move, I wasn't too worried about this one. However, being outside in the summertime, I felt it would be nice to get out of crawling along in the bark chips.

IMG 3001 copy

He was so very proud of himself, waving those little fists in the air and making happy sounds. We laughed and made him do it again and again, until he was pooped right out.IMG 3020 copy1

Then we turned our attention to the kite flyers. We had two, one old one from last year and a cute princess one that was given for Ruby's birthday.IMG 3071 copy

In the next one, I love the raising of her arms in exhilaration.

IMG 3075 copy

Not to be left out, Jasper got to give it a shot but his chubby legs couldn't run very fast so it was quite an effort to get it high enough for the wind to carry.

IMG 3129 copy

And then sweet victory.

IMG 3159 copy

A celebratory high five with Auntie Meghan, who Jasper has adhered himself to over the last few days.

IMG 3089 copy

Then one more shot of Meghan. She and I were talking last night about how a lot of us have not really any great pictures of just ourselves...though maybe with kids or family or friends. That is one thing I am going to try to do, to get a good portrait of the adults too. It is important. Not just on a wedding day. I want my kids to know that I valued myself enough to have a good picture taken of myself.

IMG 3110 copy