I was a big reader of all the Anne of Green Gables books and re-read each one several times. I remember one line in Anne's House of Dreams, where it says that she and her dear friend were sitting one golden evening absorbed in worshipping the baby. Kissing the baby's chubby hands, sniffing his downy head, baby talking and praising every perfect feature. My sister, Kelly, was not really a baby person before she had her own. While I was longing to babysit and happily held every baby I could in the church nursery, she would rather play with the older kids. Even as an adult, she smiled and admired other's babies but wasn't elbowing her way through the women to hold the newborns. She definitely has been an incredible auntie and so fun with my kids and her other nieces and nephews. It's been so beautiful to me to see her absolutely adoring her girls and lighting up with the love that she has for them. Being a mama can bring up in your life a love that you never thought possible.

Here are her maternity portraits, birth photos and then we had a chance to take Livy's newborn portraits. On the first part, it was a golden evening and we were indeed adoring little Liv...her chubby cheeks, her sweet little eyes looking around, the way she laid like a contented little lump on Kelly. I was pretty much ecstatic as we caught the last bit of evening light and it settled warmly on Kelly and her little treasure.

IMG 0459 copy

IMG 0463 copy

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Lifestyle photography was at just such a different place eight years ago when I had Ruby. It didn't even really occur to me to have professional portraits taken and even if it had, I don't know that I would have done it as I was spending our budget on a crib, mattress pads, just the right stroller, etc. It's interesting what I value years later. What I wouldn't do to trade all that new baby gear for just a few really good portraits of Ruby as a newborn and of us with her. Now we do have snapshots and I treasure each one and I am getting plenty of beautiful portraits of my girl every single chance I get. But eight years later, I so recognize that time is moving quickly and the opportunity to capture children and families that are changing is such a gift. There's my little soapbox moment.... :) .

So it's fun for me to live vicariously through my sister and get the shots of her that make my heart sing, as a photographer, an auntie and a sister. I think that she is so beautiful and the love she has for her family is amazing. It isn't always sunshine and peace, however! On the day that we were going to take Livy's newborn pictures at their house, Kelly called to say that big sister,Quinny, had a tummy bug. Poor boo, she was kept away by daddy and had a big nap while I was there but I'll be taking some pictures of their whole family the next time I'm up. A sick two-year-old, a very explosive and funny moment when I had Liv's diaper off and a sister with an iphone set to white noise in her top. You'd never guess all that was going on in these pictures but it all goes to show that it's always worth the effort!

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This awesome cradle was purchased at Persnickety's Awesomeness Emporium where Mandi sells gorgeous handpainted vintage happiness and lots of other goodies! Check her out if you are local!


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Love, love, love these!

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IMG 2002 cop1y

I sent Kelly her gallery this weekend and she wrote back: Is it crazy that looking at my pictures makes me feel like I'm falling in love with her all over again? LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Not crazy at all...just the way it's supposed to be.

A little bit of business:

I still have a few openings for fall sessions...please contact me soon if you are interested! My parents photography class for Oct. 6 is now full and I am thrilled with another awesome group to teach and work with.