My impression is that sometimes people think that they need to have the perfect environment for their portraits....a rose garden in June....crashing waves on the beach at sunset. Others think their outfits will make all the difference or having their hair just so. In my opinion, rose gardens, crashing waves and perfect hair are all good and fine but waaaaaaaaaay (I just know spell check is going to nail me for that one) more important are the connections that people have together. Way. Way. Way.

Case in point is this family. If you read my blog, you met Evie Belle and her rolls...and her mommy HERE. This was a shoot for girl time with the grandmas. April contacted me about doing some family portraits and we fit them in a little late in the season as it worked for all of our schedules. As glorious a fall as we've had, on this day rain was predicted and we decided to go for it anyways in old Tacoma where we had some big dry areas because the likelihood of us getting better weather was getting slimmer and slimmer. By the time we got there, the rain was torrential. I mean, there was crazy wind and sheets of rain. Ick. Behind me in all the outdoor shots was rain and wind and a mess.....but you'd never tell by looking at them.

All I was thinking about as I was editing them was how in love they are, Sean and April with each other, and they are so, so, so in love with their darling girl. They kissed her and played games and bounced her around. You can tell in the pictures, they just laughed and laughed. Now I have to say the grandmas are right....she is a perfect baby. I mean, she didn't utter a peep of complaint when we were outside and she was so fun and pulled the craziest little faces. Evie Belle being perfect, plus parents who just flexed and went with it resulted in a session that was so great.

So here come the pictures...and I think you'll see the love...and not the rain :).

IMG 2835 copy edited-1


IMG 2842 copy edited-1


IMG 2861 copyw


IMG 2863 copy edited-1


IMG 2870 copy edited-1

The looks on Evie's face in the next two just make me laugh.

Too many kisses, Evie?

IMG 2887 copyw

Okay, that little funny lip she pulls is the cutes thing!

IMG 2889 copy edited-1

IMG 2904 copyw

She was weebling and wobbling all over when they tried to have her stand. SO cute!

IMG 2962 copy edited-1

IMG 2987 copy edited-1

EEEEEEkkkkkkk! That face!

IMG 3012 copy edited-1

IMG 3019 copyw

I loved how they were perfectly comfortable having some portraits looking at the camera and then some just playing with their baby like they do all the time. Isn't that what they want to remember?

IMG 3043 copy edited-1

IMG 3048 copy edited-1

IMG 3064 copy edited-1

IMG 3070 copy edited-1

IMG 3114 copy edited-1

IMG 3121 copyw

IMG 3129 copyw

Then we popped over to a lovely warm and dry coffee shop with a great leather couch right by the front window.

IMG 3175 copy edited-1

IMG 3198 copy edited-1

IMG 3203 copy edited-1

IMG 3212 copy edited-1

IMG 3225 copy edited-1

IMG 3306 copy edited-1

IMG 3247 copy edited-1

Happy, comfortable, loving to be together. They are a wonderful family with a Little Miss Sunshine.