I had been so looking forward to seeing Maebry and her family again. Here she was a BUN IN THE OVEN and here she was as a NEWBORN. I have been watching her grow through the great pictures her mom has posted on Facebook and she's been such a happy little munchkin. Smiling. Smiling. Smiling.

We met up last weekend in a short window during the day that wasn't raining and there she was grinning again, Little Miss Sunshine. Her parents are doing the Baby's First Year Package and these were Maebry's six month pictures with a big focus on her and also a big focus on her family together. I am so thrilled with the families that are doing this package as so many changes happen during this first year. I believe they will be so very glad to have these times documented...their sweetie girl is growing...and all of them happy to be together.

What a difference six months makes!

IMG 0076 copyw

They are all smitten with her. Big brother Andrew said he is great at getting her to squeal and I used his several times to have her look and grin at me. What a tender hearted boy he is!

IMG 5368 copy edited-1

I said to Meghan, "I bet if you had a dollar for every person that said she looks like her daddy, you'd have her college fund paid for." She laughed and agreed. Matt is one big, strong guy but a real softy for his wife and kids.

IMG 5384 copy edited-1

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Every chance he got, Andrew was tucking himself right up to Maebry Rose (the sweetest name!).

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Fixing her mom's hair for her. She was so adorable. Six-month-olds can get very distracted but whenever she heard her name, Maebry would swing her head around to whoever was talking to her and grin.

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Someone asked me if I get the "blur" in editing. This bokeh is all lens, baby (50 mm 1.4). Love how portraits turn out with all that softness.

IMG 5847 copy edited-1

IMG 5852 copy edited-1

IMG 5864 copy edited-1

IMG 5879 copy edited-1

IMG 5883 copyw

LOVE!!!!! this one in the shades. They said she wore them all summer long but was just learning how to grab them off. Glad we could capture this short moment!

IMG 5910 copywat

What a pleasure it is to be with this family! I love that they value these days and stages and are documenting this year with me. It's pure fun for me and I hope, a great reminder for them of how this little girl has made their family even more wonderful.

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