Her dad and I grew up as next door neighbours. In fact, his parents and mine have now lived in their homes for over 35 years. We went to parks and library time together, rode big wheels down our driveways (we're all still traumatized by the summer my sister wore only a Superwoman cape on her bigwheel..and nothing else), and hunted slugs with saltshakers outside at night while our parents visited on one or the other sundeck. Now when we go to visit Oma and Opa, the kids invite themselves over to Auntie Mau and Uncle Dick's where they are warmly welcomed and the old toybox is opened up with toys from when we were little. It was with great excitement that we heard that the first grandchild was on the way to Mark and his beautiful wife, Emily. Lauren arrived in May and is the center of a lot of attention from both of their families. I was so excited to meet her and take some pictures of her at three months.

What a little lady! She was looking at us all with her big eyes and smiling. And her hair! Her mummy said they blew it dry to settle it down but it was happy hair if I ever saw happy hair before :) .

Her parents wanted this series to really focus on her but I did take a picture or two with her lovely mom.

IMG 1945 copy edited-1

The very best light in their home at the time I came was in the bathroom so they kindly let me pop their sweet girl on a towel and some blankets in there to start. Here she was in her little bumbo chair.

IMG 1841 copy edited-1

IMG 1846 copy edited-1

IMG 1861 copy edited-1

With her little bunny pal. It's always fun to have a little friend to photograph them with as they grow too.

IMG 1867 copy edited-1

IMG 1876 copy edited-1

IMG 1891 copy edited-1

She's working hard at Tummy Time too!

IMG 1905 copy edited-1

Then I wanted to do a little series in black and white of her little self. She's laying on Great Grandma's homemade blanket.

IMG 1908 copy edited-1

IMG 1913 copy edited-1

I'm guessing her mom kisses that belly a lot :) .

IMG 1928 copy edited-1

IMG 1936 copy edited-1

IMG 1922 copy edited-1

The hair!! The hair!!

IMG 1930 copy edited-1

What a treat it was to "play" with this special little girl and to get rewarded with all kinds of wonderful smiles. Congratulations all around to the family who knows how blessed they are with this sweetheart!