He was born six weeks early weighing in at three pounds, fourteen ounces... every bit a miracle. I believe with all my heart that every baby is a miracle, each one a gift from God who gives every good and perfect gift. His family thinks so too. They asked me to photograph him to always have in "picture proof" how loved and special he was right from the very beginning.

Baby Leo was well over five pounds here at five weeks, a whopping little lad. And so sweet...and so cuddly...and just perfect.

You can tell that his family is feeding him well. I have fed him a bottle and was shocked to look down less than five minutes after he began to find him just about done. He is determined to do some catching up.

IMG 2443 copywat


IMG 2485 copy edited-1

Such a serious face with those shiny eyes.

IMG 2462 copy edited-1

IMG 2505 copy edited-1

IMG 2513 copy edited-1

Then we tucked him up and brought him outside where he was sleeping peacefully in the middle of five kids running around with squirt guns....

IMG 2540 copywat

..and a curious dog (who happens to be the best natured dog, ever patient with littles).

IMG 2538 copy edited-1

Welcome, Leo! We are so thankful that you are here!

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