My friend, Ronalee, has encouraged me on this journey of raising boys. From empathizing over laundry stains to talking about what kinds of character and hearts we want our boys to have, she has been a real example to me. We've discussed what is worth digging into and what is worth laughing about....and there's a lot worth laughing about.

She has talked with me several times about how much she appreciates her husband and how he engages with their boys, values them, and is a strong presence in their lives. For Father's Day, she wanted some pictures of the three of them together to give to him.

We did some portraits in their back yard, and I love, love the grins on their faces.

IMG 5176 copy edited-1

They really are awesome, these guys. I loved the colors on this sunny, happy afternoon.

IMG 5179 copy edited-1


IMG 5162 copybw edited-1

IMG 5191 copy edited-1

We had to work a bit with Romin, the youngest, to get him to participate. He is two, after all. Skittles were a big draw as was his cool orange bucket.

IMG 5200 copy edited-1

But the real winner was the WHOOPEE CUSHION that I brought along to get a real grin out of this boy. It also helped amuse his older brother, Ethan, who was keen on trying it out when we were done. The oldest, Alek, was just a movie star, with a genuine smile the whole time, even without me messing around.

IMG 5233 copy edited-1

Happy Father's Day, Jeff. Your family loves you!!

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