It was so wonderful to be a part of Leo's adoption day. He'd already been VERY LOVED and a part of their family in every practical way and this was the day that he would also legally be theirs. Denise and Eric are good friends of ours and we feel like it's such a blessing for our kids to be growing up together. We've swapped many babysitting nights, commiserated over the pain of potty training (Denise finally hit the mark when she combined the power of Buzz Lightyear with the problem of potty training apathy :) ), and seen how they cherish their kids. It's been quite a journey from the day that they brought wee little Leo home almost two years ago as a teeny tiny baby. They have raised and cared for that boy as their own. He knows he's loved.

We met at the courthouse with family and friends who were able to get off work to come be a part of the special time.

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I just love this one of him marching in with his big sister, Kiana, having no idea of how blessed he is to be a part of them forever or how his life will always be changed because of this day.

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His mom made sure he was fortified with applesauce before he went in. A hungry boy in a courtroom at naptime would not bode well.

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There was a happy hum in the hallway as we all gathered.

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There was a whole lot of smiles in that courtroom.

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There's been lots of excitement going on in their lives lately.

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Nana was beaming.

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Leo was giggling and loving all the attention from everyone as he happily ran around.

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This judge must have done a few adoptions with toddlers as he kept things rolling along. It was ten minutes tops.

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Ten minutes and all was approved and he was theirs.

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In the happy clapping and cheering, Leo grabbed his mommy and hugged her tight, and laughed.

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It was a perfect, golden moment.

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Big brother Malakai was just happy because the judge invited him to dig into his candy bowl.

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The grandmas were pleased as punch.

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Here he is with Andrea, a dear friend who lived with their family for years and now nannies the kids.

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Leo wanted my mousie puppet to get his mommy.

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A little bit of happily-ever-after is a good thing indeed. We love your family and are so glad that Leo is forever yours. (I would add 100 !!!!!!!'s if it would properly show you how much we mean that but it probably wouldn't be enough :) ).

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