At my house, when I "whip up" lunch, that means I heat up leftovers, make gnocchi with marinara or slap together some peanut butter and jellies. I sing loudly, "PEANUT BUTTER AND....." And then the boys shout, "JE-YEEE (jelly)!!!"

On my recent stay at Lenore's house, I was reminded again of how this girl can cook! Any of you who have seated yourself at her table can attest to that. I can hear your "A-men". So on this day, the lunch Lenore was whipping up was some yummy, spicy Indian lamb and potato stuffed pepper dish with a creamy radish salad. I personally don't know many of us who could make a radish salad that people would go back for seconds and thirds....but there you go.

So I trailed around her cute and small kitchen as she put together lunch and took some images of what she does all the time...create culinary heaven.

IMG 9923 copywat

This girl is big into quality, freshness and will search all over for just what she wants. She has even chosen to roam gourmet markets on her birthday as her activity of choice.

IMG 9931 copywat

IMG 9944 copywat

A few years ago, Lenore started picking up pears to decorate her pretty 1950's kitchen. Friends started noticing and added to her pear collection. A lot of the additions were gorgeous but there was one pear print that she showed me and said, "What does this look like?" And frankly, the cut up pear looked like a uterus. We laughed hysterically. That's the problem with people just randomly buying a theme item. This pretty glass pear reminds me of that.

IMG 9947 copywat

IMG 9942 copywat

Love how she stands when she cooks.

IMG 9962 copywat

IMG 9950 copywat

IMG 9963 copywat

IMG 9966 copywat

This is her style... enjoying the process...a glass of wine on the counter as she cooks...and loving to see the people at her table nourished with food and conversation.

Thanks for lunch, L.

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