I made the seven hour drive to Montana to see my friend, Lenore.  I arrived at her darling apartment, curled up on her couch and we talked for hours.  There was the weave of easy conversation, gasping for air because we were laughing so hard, and digging into the heart stuff. We finally peeled ourselves off to bed at 2 a.m. and for the rest of the weekend, the ongoing conversation continued, between eating, driving, walking.  It was what I needed, to be with an old friend who’s walked many,many miles with me.  To know and be known is a great gift. She’s a beauty, clearly.  Her inner light clearly shines and she’s a magnet.  I pestered her to take some pictures as we did our hanging out, and she laughed and let me.  I got a couple of us together too, though I forgot my darn remote and had to do the old set-the-timer-and-run-like-crazy-into-the-picture routine.

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