One of the huge bonuses of doing photography is becoming friends with clients. Every time I've photographed Dennie, Lauri and Ethan, I've enjoyed myself so much and have chatted through the whole time with them. More than once, Dennie has kindly nodded and smiled and packed up Ethan while Lauri and I talked on and on. She's come to my photography workshop, we've buzzed back and forth on Facebook and the week of mini sessions we met up for dinner with Lauri's sister, Cindy, who is the same kind of wonderful. Bonus: seeing her two times in a week.

They are such a loving little family and that Ethan is a gem. He is such a kindhearted boy. Loved having this opportunity to photograph them again!

01-IMG 0629 cop1

02-IMG 0617 copy

03-IMG 0628 cop2

04-IMG 0644 copy

05-IMG 0649 copy

06-IMG 0659 copy

07-IMG 0661 copy

08-IMG 0685 copy

09-IMG 0691 copy

10-IMG 0700 copy

11-IMG 0704 copy

12-IMG 0707 copy

13-IMG 0709 cop1

14-IMG 0717 copy

And at the end, a treat for me! Ethan took my picture too :).

15-IMG 0748 copy