Great thanks for your patience to Anne, Marc, Amanda, Kyle and Caleb for waiting the longest for your peek of your mini session. I am sure Caleb hasn't been losing too much sleep over it as he is a one-year-old who is on the move, finding buttons to push and balls to kick!

This family knows what little people are all about and were flexible and fun to keep Caleb engaged. It's all about the little people :) .

This little guy has a special spot for Grandma (and I know Grandma has a special spot for him!).

IMG 6788 copy1 edited-1

IMG 6797 copy edited-1

Gotta love those messy little guy kisses.

IMG 6802 copywat

Of course, Grandma could get him to giggle too.

IMG 6827 copywat

Hello, I LOVE the fedora. How cool is that. This one belonged to Marc's father.

IMG 6834 copy edited-1

A few tickles for the little guy. There's just nothing as fun to hear as a little person laughing.

IMG 6844 copy edited-1

IMG 6851 copy edited-1

IMG 6889 copy edited-1

IMG 6899 copy edited-1

IMG 6905 copy edited-1

IMG 6917 copywat

Maybe I need to take Grandma with me on more photoshoots with the littles. She sure has the touch to get this little sweetie to grin!

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