A few weeks ago I was on a date with my husband (wahooo) and we were headed for Greek food in the old area of Kent, near Kent Station. Always on the lookout for new places, I started noticing that there were some really fun areas for pictures around there. I made him walk along with me a bit as we scoped it out, making us a little late for dinner. My friend, Kristy, and her family live in that neck of the woods, and when we were chatting about locations for their family shoot, she jumped right on this idea. It was a great place and an awesome family. Kristy is one of those mamas that will work hard with me teasing and playing with the boys to get their real smiles and personalities shining through. They seemed to really laugh when  she would imagine funny things happening to their dad. "What would happen if Daddy had syrup pouring out of his nose?" Laugh. Laugh. Snap. Snap. I shared the old saran wrap on the toilet trick and told them about one April Fool's when I sprayed ketchup on my arm and freaked out my mom as I screamed about blood. Little boys love stories involving bodily fluid.

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Love the eyes.

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I love to get some candid shots like this amidst the ones I set up a bit more. Walking with mom and dad. Their heights, the looks on their faces, them all together. They are the ones that will be especially fun to look back on later.


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Kaiden has turned five and is heading into kindergarten and basketball in the fall...which seem rather synonymous to him right now. Skyler is a third grader. Wow! I so remember meeting his mom when he was a few months old in his arms, dressed to the nines at a Christmas dinner.

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One thing I  admire about Kristy, is the way that she has fostered their relationship. They truly are the best of friends and she has taught them how to care for and value each other.

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We found this fun stone statue at the park. Don't smile! Don't smile!!!!


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Ooops. Skyler cracked. He couldn't help himself!

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They are such good guys.

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These were taken at an old chippy warehouse.

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We told the boys if they weren't perfectly serious, we'd make them drink the nasty leftover Starbucks drink we found on the ground. Ewwwwww! They laughed, of course.


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Then some very sweet ones of them with their mom. Oh, how the love they have for her, and she for them is so clear. What I wouldn't give for shots like this with my mom when I was little.


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Then messing around with dad.

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Just loved how Kaiden sat himself down like this.

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It's the little things like this next one that I really love capturing as families are together. Dad carrying Kaiden on his shoulders. Hands tucked around his ankles. He won't always fit up there but I love that his dad is carrying his little son like this as much as he can.

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We walked back to our cars and Kristy handed me a huge bag of hand-me-downs for my boys (neatly laundered and folded). The boys fished out an Altoid mint from the back seat to present to me as they gave me hugs. Kristy slid me a bag of Godiva chocolates (pretty sure she's given me chocolate at least a half dozen times). My heart was happy. I love this family.