My friend, Kristy, along with Ben, was the one who totally validated and pushed me towards opening up my own photography business three years ago. She's been a constant help to me and her amazing graphic design has definitely enriched my "look". She went through a ton of back and forth with me before I settled on my new logo earlier this year and went through my website with a fine tooth comb. Even more than I appreciate the generosity of how she shares her skills and knowledge, is how much I admire her as a mom. I love the value that she puts in her family. She cares for her guys so very much and supports them with her words and with the heart that she has for them. She's been a real example to me of helping sons develop a really close friendship and love for each other.

We met up the other night at Des Moines Marina. It was super bright so we found some little spots where we could get some fun shots of their family. She's great at slapstick humor which gets her boys to laugh and may even have given her husband a little slap on the bottom to get a laugh out of him too :).

IMG 8381 copy

IMG 8406 copy

IMG 8413 copy

IMG 8425 copy

IMG 8438 copy

IMG 8450 copy

IMG 8440 copy1

IMG 8459 copy

IMG 8473 copy

Hello, flying mama! I don't know that I have that kind of a jumping skill myself!

IMG 8501 copy

IMG 8528 copy

IMG 8534 copy

IMG 8543 copy

IMG 8563 copy

I heart the orange shoelaces!

IMG 8577 copy

IMG 8582 copy

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IMG 8639 copy

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