Last night we went for dinner at the beach. Fish and chips. Delish! My other mission was to take Ruby's six year portraits and I look forward to sharing those later. What I did want to sneak in was a few kisses between a dad who is crazy about his girl and a girl who is crazy about her dad.

IMG 2643 copy edited-1

Recently Ben found a note on his desk, not an uncommon occurrence but this was extra sweet.

I am glad ur my DAD. Il always by yor Dotr for evr and evr. Luv Ruby. So wen u thenk about my wispr i love u Ruby.

Translated: I am glad you're my Dad. I'll always be your daughter for ever and ever. Love, Ruby. So when you think about me, whisper, "I love you, Ruby."

Eskimo Kisses: rubbing noses together. Someone always ends up snorting and laughing.

IMG 2647 copy edited-1

Butterfly Kisses: rubbing eyelashes together. Tricky to do.

IMG 2654 copy edited-1

Zerbert: big, slobbery blow kisses on the cheek.

IMG 2658 copy edited-1

Daddy Kisses: every girl should be so loved.

IMG 2641 copy edited-1

I know she loves me, without a doubt. I know she loves her Daddy, and I adore watching them together.