It's my understanding that redheads are allowed a few extra opinions, right? On this family session sweet redheaded Lily was of the opinion that she wanted to be walking. So walk we did. The whole family walked laps through the paths and flowers. Holding onto mom's and dad's hands.

IMG 3442 copy edited-1

She actually was a real champ, considering the schedule the family had the few days before we got together. The grandparents were here from back East and they were busy going on road trips and sightseeing. She had missed a bit of her regular routine and some sleep. I have to say, her parents did a great job with her. Instead of getting frustrated that she didn't always want to sit, they kept her moving and happy and because of that, we were able to get some goodies.

Here are the polka dot sisters with their parents. LOVE the outfits!!

IMG 3450 copy

IMG 3468 copy edited-1

And with their grandparents.

IMG 3482 copy edited-1

Here is Isabelle with a cute mouth of teeth growing in and gaps. A very six-year-old stage. She has such a pretty, light-up-the-room smile too!

IMG 3492 copy edited-1

Here is Izzy, tucked in the middle of two people that dearly love her. I would grin like that too.

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Love watching Jason with his girls. He is involved and really lots of fun....a great combination for a daddy.

IMG 3568 copy edited-1

Michalina, who is just as kind as she looks. I'm thankful that our girls are great pals at school.

IMG 3575 copy edited-1

IMG 3577 copy edited-1

The grandparents walk with Lily now. Let's keep the littlest one happy.

IMG 3596 copy edited-1

I have a feeling she's used to her dad goofing around with her.

IMG 3606 copy edited-1

I love, love this one.

IMG 3610 copy edited-1

It wasn't hard to see how much this sweet grandma was enjoying her beauties.

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IMG 3639 copy edited-1

IMG 3677 copy edited-1

Beautiful girls...just like their mom.

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Thanks for such a great time, all! I always enjoy you so much.