I love Kaia.  I’ve loved her beautiful heart and fun personality for a long time.  She has a ready laugh, a deep commitment to the people she loves and a generous spirit.  Our kids are nuts about her too.  She’s been in front of my camera more than a few times but this time was special.  She’s graduating in a few weeks and we were doing her senior pictures.

It actually was a very stormy day and we were bummed as we were trying to squeak it in between her school and work schedule.  The forecast seemed to be changing every 15 minutes.  Stormy. Torrential rain. Sunbreaks. Windy. Blue skies. Stormy again.  We were messaging back and forth all day, postponing and then in a fit of optimism with some blue skies, we decided to go for it.  She’s the only one I would have taken that chance for with the forecast being what it was.  Sure enough, by the time she arrived with her sister and mom, it was pouring buckets.  Boo. I told her since she was all dolled up we’d do a few headshots and then do a part two later at another location I had in mind.

Then…a miracle.  The clouds parted and sun started shining through all the misty bushes.  We were all squealing and trying to do as much as we could in the window of great weather God was giving us!

It probably is one of my favorite senior sessions ever…and part two is still to come!  Kaia is just stunning and her beautiful spirit was  shining clearly too.  It was so fun laughing with her mom and sister…and there are some behind the scenes secrets that no one will ever know about…but they sure got some great laughs out of her.

Kaia, I love you.  I am so proud of you and the way you are living to love and impact the people around you.  God has big plans for you and we’ll be cheering you on all the way.

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A few at the end with her beautiful mama and sister…before we jumped in the van and it started pouring again!25-Kaia senior-2826-Kaia senior-3527-Kaia senior-3128-Kaia senior-32

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