My parents rented a little villa in Mexico for the family for the week and what a treat it was. Four bedrooms, five baths, on a cliff overlooking the crashing waves, an infinity pool with a waterfall shaded by lush flowers. And the food...we had two lovely Mexican women who cooked and cleaned for us all week. I ate more than my fair share, for least a few cups of guacamole at a sitting....the right thing to do.

Here is my boy on a chaise lounge trying to spot the birds that were flying around. About the only thing that wasn't perfect about the place, was that there was nothing to separate eager little boys from the pools or much to keep them from the cliffs. We were either swimming for hours in the pool with them, or wandering around with them. Too bad we forgot the duct tape.

IMG 4153 copywat

Here's Oma and Opa, after one of dozens of swims, giving Ruby as tickle in her pickle.

IMG 4185 copybw

We did spend a lot of time in the pool and had almost permanently wrinkled feet. After weeks of swimming lessons this summer and water wings for the first few days, Ruby took off and started swimming on her own!

She was so pleased with herself and it was fun to see! Yes, I did go into the pool with my camera, instructing all NOT to splash mummy....had to capture a little bubble blowing.

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Here's Auntie Kelly having a little girl time with Ruby as the sun went down.

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These boys of mine. They completely wear me out but I am crazy about them.

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I loved the architecture of this place.

I shot this one in a mirror off the kitchen. That bar was filled with food constantly.

IMG 4648 copywat

We're growing her hair out...a bob for a long time but this kindergartener wants long locks...we'll see how long we go. I love that face. She and I spent some time reading "Little House in the Big Woods" on the chairs by the pool.

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Sister Kelly and Brother-in-Law, Dano. Kelly and I always laugh at how much our husbands talk, talk, talk when they are together. Look at her cool new shades...I inherited her cool old shades.

IMG 4898 copyway

In the back courtyard. It was so hot, I pretty much didn't put shirts on the boys all week.

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Oma and Ruby. My rule is: if you give a cheesy smile, you get tickled.

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Dashing out in the sunset for these kissing shots. I was taking some of Kelly and Dano and then wanted her to get one of Ben and I...quickly...before the sun goes down! Kelly took this one of us.

IMG 5266 copywat

And then, alas, for the last couple of days, my sweet Jasper got a fever and did a lot of laying around and hugging Giraffey. Poor buddy. I think it is good to also have some shots of the not-as-fun parts of the vacation too.

IMG 5425 copywat

And now we are home again. This morning Ruby drew a picture to hang on the front door "HomSwetHom". I love going away but I love coming back to my home sweet home too!