In my humble opinion, the future looks pretty bright if the class of '10 has anything to do with it.

I had another senior session this week and loved hanging out with Jacob. Articulate, smart, and fun. I liked him. I also loved chatting with his mom who knows much about boys, and who greatly encouraged me that there is hope for my little boys who are wrestling and grabbing right now. Thanks, Jill :)!

I loved how Jacob had put some thought beforehand into how it would be good to photograph himself doing a couple of things that are pretty important in his life right now. One was playing the guitar, which he did on these steps, even with a class of yoga ladies staring out the window at us.

I really like this one, with his left hand in clearest focus.

IMG 1784 copywat

IMG 1778 copywat

IMG 1804 copywat

Ummm, yes. Blue is his color. Here he is by a funky piece of wood we found down on the beach after I nicely chased off a couple that was hanging out there. Oh, I was polite and everything but they vanished.

IMG 1833 copywatI

IMG 1852 copywat

IMG 1856 copywat

I really like this one.

IMG 1876 copywat

IMG 1886 copywat1

And Jacob is a track runner and hammered out some personal bests yesterday, from what I heard. Right on. So for the second part of our shoot we ran over to his high school track which I thought was a great idea.

IMG 1916 copywat1

The class of 2010!

IMG 1912 copywat1

IMG 1926 copywat

IMG 1923 copywat

Hang in there, Jacob, for the next few weeks. You are in the home stretch :)!

Thanks for a great session.