I already knew I liked them before I met them....because I really like their children. They have seven of them and I know most of them. I had met them at various times and places and finally connected that all these really great people were from one family, and a set of really great parents. Jonathan and Kellie, pictured HERE, were the ones who purchased this session as a Christmas gift for his parents and apparently, these are the first portraits that they have had done of the two of them in many, many years. I guess they've been a little busy raising their family....

We met up the other evening at the Port of Tacoma, one of my favorite spots. It was so fun to visit with them along the way and a few times I had to remind myself to settle down and stop talking so I could actually take the pictures.

I loved how obvious their love is, the kind of deep love that has walked many miles and found great contentment. Quick to grin at each other, easily touching and very warm. I love that.

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This was at those great fountains behind the glass museum. Didn't take much for Harley to kiss his bride when I asked him to.

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Julie hardly looks like a mom of seven and a grandmother of five, with another on the way.

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The wind was blowing here a bit, but way more important than blowing hair, are faces like these.

IMG 6481 copy edited-1

IMG 6512 copy edited-1

I had them sit on this bench, as a reminder of all the quiet moments they have had through the years together. Harley added with a wry smile, "Yeah, maybe two."

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Also along for the night was their son, Philip, who is also a photographer, self taught. He is still in high school but has already been published in a magazine. Impressive. I love to see his photos on Facebook and he has made me laugh more than a time or two with his great sense of humor in his photos.

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Harley and Julie, thanks for a lovely evening. I might just pull up a chair to your table, since I like your family so much :).

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