I’d been really looking forward to do her family’s portraits ever since I met her this spring at a Parent Photography Workshop.  It’s always super helpful for me to know that people have a feel for me and how I approach family photography.  If you look at fifty different photographers shooting the exact same family, you will get such a huge range of results which is the beauty of art of any genre.  I so appreciate when people see my style and choose me for that, way beyond how I can hit exposure Smile. As we were shooting details back and forth before hand, Julia said, “We have absolute trust in you that you will capture us for who we are as family.”  With all my heart, I hope that these pictures will truly reflect that!  The way they laugh, the pleasure that they take in each other, the personality in their beautiful children ….all of it I hope you can see here.  That is my heart and I was so blessed that it was the approach that Julia and David were taking too.

As I worked on the photos, it was so fun for me to see in several images with how the kids really share the same smiles as their parents.  Thank you for the opportunity to capture these images!

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