I lived with his family when I was in college. Joshie Squashie was a little chubby, blond chunk of sweet toddlerhood. He was passionate about food and screamed like an electric volt just when through his body when he heard the blender go or when he saw cheese. He galloped around on his play horse. He cuddled and watched Toy Story and Veggie Tales. He was a favorite wherever he went with his grinny little face and goofy little personality. He told me he was going to marry me from the time he was about three to five and then when he set his sights on a cute girl in Parent's Day Out, he told me I could marry Combiance ( who was his imaginary brother). I was crushed. Truly, I love his family dearly. They are still family to me and on this last trip to Texas I was lucky enough to stay with them. We stayed up late at night as we laughed, talked and perched on chairs in the kitchen while Mary wiped counters and Josh snacked, just like the old days.

It felt a bit surreal to be taking his senior pictures. Round and chubby no more (he's super tall) but he still has that winning personality and great smile.



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I always make the mamas get in a picture or two when I do senior pictures. He's her boy and has a lot of his mom's quirks and mannerisms. In fact, I think they kind of egg each other on a bit.

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Always taking an opportunity to play around. (Not quite sure you'll get him if you dial this number.)

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I am proud of him and the young man he's become.

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At the end he wanted a few shots of him downing a Starbucks drink. Caffeination is a hobby that will only be re-enforced in college, I believe.

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Love you, Josh.