There were a few challenges to this senior portrait session. First of all, the Des Moines Marina, which I had suggested as a location, was being torn up and there were big barricardes and yuchy construction piles everywhere. Fortunately, there are lots of places for good photos there so we wound our way around the messy parts. Secondly, though the light was perfect it was cold and windy. My nose was running mercilessly and Jordan's mom was bundled in her jacket with the collar zipped up to her mouth and her leather gloves. Good thing we were not there for us, but for Jordan, who was absolutely stunning and shiny and just laughed when the wind took her hair and blew it to the four corners. I have to say, looking at these photos now, it's hard to tell there were any challenges because of how comfortable and engaging she was.

What a heart this girl has. She is friendly and warm and I left the session feeling excited for what she has in store in her future. And...pretty much every shot we took was a good one. I happen to be the type that it takes about 20 to get one usable one. She was the type that out of every 20 I couldn't use maybe one, and that was because of the wind or something.

IMG 1053 copywat

IMG 1059 copywat

IMG 1079 copywat

IMG 1082 copywat

IMG 1110 copywat

IMG 1113 copywat

IMG 1125 copywat

IMG 1131 copywat

IMG 1136 copywat

IMG 1163 copywat

And yes, her eyes really are that beautiful color.

IMG 1141 copywat

Thanks for being such a great sport, Jordan! I hope you enjoy your peek at your pictures.