When I arrived at the home of this beautiful family I told them that I was so used to jumping up and down like a yo-yo for little kids that working with a family who was just easy peasy to talk to and photograph felt like a piece of cake.  Riley is heading off to university in the fall and it was a good chance to photograph them all together before they start this next season.  I was so impressed with Riley and Zi-Li as they were so personable and easy to talk to.  At the stage our family is at, I’m the mom right now who is drilling manners and hard work and people skills into my kids and to see such amazing young adults was so encouraging for me. 

We took a walk around their neighborhood and then went up to a local park.  They were so fun together with ready smiles.  At the end, Riley was a great sport and pulled out his trumpet and the dogs even put on their best behavior and got in a few shots too.  Thanks for a great morning!

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