This boy had ants in his pants this morning. The one who usually takes waaaaaaaayyyyyy long getting ready for the day, jumped into his new school duds in just a few minutes, scarfed down his oatmeal with peaches and cream, and was ready to roll.

We've been talking about it for months and I know he is ready to have a special part of his life that's just for him. I think I've been every bit as excited at he's been for him to start preschool. He's at the same wonderful program as Ruby went to with teachers that are incredible, and so loving. I am pleased for him to have the same great experience.

When we went in for orientation last week we found his name by his hook with a GIRAFFE over it. If that wasn't a sign for my Giraffey lovin' boy, I don't know what would be :) .

He could hardly stand still this morning.

IMG 4438 copy


IMG 4441 copyw


Magic marker on his tummy. Perfect.

IMG 4478 copyw


IMG 4487 copywat


IMG 4489 copyw


Here his sidekick needed to get in a few pictures too.

IMG 4509 copyw


IMG 4523 copyw


IMG 4533 copywat

We stopped by to get some flowers for his teachers.

IMG 4549 copy

And I realized that I am going to need to stop by and get a smaller backpack for this boy.


IMG 4550 copyw

He's in very good hands.

IMG 4562 copy

Tymen was very, very quiet on the way home. I asked him how he was and he said, "I a bit sad. I miss Jeppy." So we came home, put the baby down for a nap, and had coffee together....the real deal for me and flavoured cream and milk for him. It helped both of us.

I am so proud of my boy and so very thankful to be in a community where my children are well cared for. We are blessed.