This boy has always loved to mess around and have a good time. I distinctly remember when he was four months old and I came back inside the car after pumping gas to find him and Ruby laughing wildly, both of them barely able to breathe. He loves to kiss and tells me that he missed me when I get him after naptime.

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He loves treats. He puts himself on time-out when he feels like he has broken the rules. He has the greatest cheeks ever!

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He grins at people in public, especially the ladies. Then he clearly enjoys the attention he inevitably gets.

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He still loves his Giraffey. The other day, I got Giraffey out of the dryer for him at naptime and when he saw his best pal, he shrieked happily, "Giraffey, Honey! You missed me!!!!"

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I love this boy. I love that he loves his dad.

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I am also so glad that there is a special connection with him and me too. It is a sweetness with this son of mine. I am thankful that I have this boy who says, "I need you, my beautiful girl-mom."