He has the best laugh of pretty much anyone I know. He gets excited about crafting recycled boxes. He has a freckle on the inside of his eyelid. He loves to read Bible stories. He craves individual attention from mom or dad or Oma or Opa. He is just as happy to play with girls as with boys but babies absolutely win his attention over anyone. He has a snarky little sense of humor that catches me off guard sometimes and makes me laugh. He wants his big moves documented on camera (and I am willing to oblige). He torpedoes at swimming lessons. He likes to surprise me by unloading the dishwasher (and I do whoop it up...positive re-enforcement ;) ). He is a cuddler and a toucher. He still loves his Giraffey.

01-IMG 8447 copy

02-IMG 8307 copy

03-IMG 8223 copy

06-IMG 8262 copy

04-IMG 8227 copy]

Giraffey is lumpy, has a chewed up tail and a mouth that's been kissed to where there are holes in it....but he's still the man.

07-IMG 8304 copy

08-IMG 8313 copy

09-IMG 8333 copy

We took a few more of his six year old pictures at the beach the other night. Six years. It's a big deal. I love this son of ours. I love that he's growing to be a caring, thoughtful, fun boy. I love that he fits us. I love that crazy, happy, open hearted laugh of his.

1-IMG 0857 copy

13-IMG 0895 copy

14-IMG 1001 copy

Doing some crazy dance moves.


12-IMG 0869 copy

He wasn't so keen on the barnacles.


25-20130303-IMG 0823 copy

27-20130303-IMG 0851 copy

28-20130303-IMG 0982 copy

A few with daddy.

19-IMG 1184 copy

20-20130303-IMG 1188 copy

17-IMG 1109 copy

18-IMG 1115 copy

31-20130303-IMG 1005 copy

30-20130303-IMG 0998 copy

Happy birthday, Jeppy. We love you. Always have and always will.

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