He loves it when we slather him with affection, both with words and cuddles.  He adores babies and little ones. He always has a joke in his back pocket and has practically memorized his Jokelopedia.  He builds detailed creations and writes notes with his rushed d’nealian printing.  He sings his heart out in the van with lyrics that basically run along the train of his thoughts. He’ll take a cooking date with mama over just about any other activity. He likes attention from pretty girls and his wonderful teacher even told me last week that he was winking at her during class. He’s a homebody.  He likes to be in charge of his brothers.  He prefers fancy duds if given the choice. He delights my heart. How could I have known what a pleasure it is to have sons, and he’s my first.  He’s a wonderful boy who’s going to grow into a wonderful man (though I’m going to want to savor each year and slow down time, I know).  He feels things deeply, and I see a lot of my personality in him. We’re praying for wisdom to grow his heart and to help him be the person that God has made him to be.  We are so glad that we have the gift of Jasper.

It has been a sloggy, boggy rainy March and I jumped at a few dry hours to take Jasper’s seven year pictures.  He perked right up when I told him after school that we were having a picture and going out for dinner date.  He insisted on his bow tie and worried about the light on our drive out (perhaps he’s heard his mother going on about the light once or twice).  Then he liberally gave me picture suggestions and treated me to all his corny faces which,  of course, made me laugh.  I want to remember all these goofy looks that make me love him so much.


Jep got on stage and did his dance moves….the air guitar-electric slide action.


I saw a tree filled with blossoms and we immediately parked so I could take my first spring-ish pictures and with the setting sun backlighting my precious boy, my heart was very full.


For our last pictures, he wanted to do some jumping pictures just as the sun was going down.16-2014.35

Happy birthday, Jasper Benjamin.  You are the son we always have wanted…and even more.  God knew that you’d be a gift to us.  We love you.