Didn't this boy of mine just turn THREE?

He has been SO looking forward to turning four. In the past several weeks, when he's been about to make a sad choice, I would ask him, "Is that what a four-year-old would do?" Then I've seen him reel himself in, change his voice and his attitude. Four could be a really great year, if this continues :) .

To celebrate, he and I went on a photoshoot date last week to Legendary Doughnuts, which is right here in our neighborhood. He didn't know where he was going, but insisted on getting spiffed up for our time together. When I parked in front of one of his favorite destinations, a mighty cheer went up from the back of the van.

Ecstatic was the word. This boy wears his emotions on his sleeve, just like his mummy.

IMG 8104 copy

He was allowed to bring his bff, Giraffey, on this date and they looked over all the doughnut possibilities, which seemed endless.

"I want THAT one! No, THAT one!"

(Love his reflection in the glass case.)

IMG 8114 copy edited-1

Even Giraffey had a hard time making up his mind.

IMG 8112 copy

IMG 8125 copy

Jasper ordered sprinkles for Giraffey and a pigpen doughnut for himself. Resplendent with gummy worms and cookie mud, it was a perfect choice for a little boy.

IMG 8147 copy

He was one happy kid.

IMG 8160 copy edited-1

Of course, the gummy worms went straight down the hatch.

IMG 8170 copy edited-1

Giraffey began to eat his too.

IMG 8180 copy

IMG 8210 copy


IMG 8195 copy edited-1

IMG 8219 copy

What a great way to celebrate being four!

IMG 8244 copy edited-1

IMG 8329 copy

IMG 8339 copy

Check out Legendary Doughnuts if you are in the Auburn area. It's a good time. Great staff. Oh-so-yummy-treasts. Jasper agrees.

IMG 8360 copy edited-1

This child of ours delights us. He is the boy I have always wanted (I have two other boys I've always wanted too).

IMG 8385 copy

He plays puzzles and loves "school time" with mummy. He is a bit of a homebody and prefers to be cozy. He LOVES to watch cooking shows and asks me to watch our Julia Child dvd's. He sings Sunday School songs with great conviction and volume in the back of the van.

IMG 8396 copy

He has a laugh that makes me laugh. Every time .

(For those of you concerned about getting a real and not cheesy smile from your kids, I would never get this laugh if I said," Say cheese!" Instead, I was joking around with him about Giraffey wearing diapers. Remember what is funny to your kids and talk to them about it when you want a real smile.)

IMG 8416 copy

At night I hear him calling me for an extra kiss goodnight. I walk into his room and kiss his cheeks on the top bunk. He swings an arm around my neck to trap me and smooches and smooches and smooches until we both are laughing. He has taken to affectionately patting people on the bottom. This is a habit we are working hard to break after he gave Miss Debbie (the best children's librarian in the world) a pat during story time (she laughed through my deepest apologies).

IMG 8420 copy

Almost every day, I ask each one of them what they are thankful for and the answers from everyone else is varied. The sun! Opa! Baking cookies! Friends! A date with Daddy!

Each and every time I ask Jasper what he is thankful for he says, "You, Mum." I am thankful for you, too, Jeppy. I love you. Happy birthday. You really are the boy I've always wanted.

IMG 8326 copy