Comfort. I indeed am a creature of comfort and surround myself with things, people and events that evoke that sense in me. Slow cooked ribs. Coffee scented candles. Thick towels. A good book. Slippers (sock type...not the chunky ones). Cuddling with any member of my little family who I can trap. Iced breve lattes, grande, a pump of caramel, light on the ice, whip.

My boy is one who finds great, great comfort and delight in his best friend, Giraffey. It all started when he was a newborn and my dad's family in Holland sent him along to us. It is stunning to me that my big headed boy started out with a head just about as big as Giraffey's. I also note that Giraffey looks amazingly clean here.

DSCN0081 copy-1


Two year and a half years later, Giraffey looks like he's been through it. I am sure he carries some serious germs which is why he has been through the washer many, many times. Giraffey was intended to be just a sleep toy but somehow Jasper has managed to sneak him out of his crib and now bed and roam all over with him.

They have this funny little friendship dance that has become surprisingly predictable. Ben and I have exchanged glances and smiled at many a Giraffey connection. And I love how much comfort my son gets from that chewed up little toy. So here is a photographic tribute to these pals and in honor of the occasion, Giraffey was allowed outside for the shoot, a privilege he rarely has.

Can you feel the love?


Ummmm, no wondering who has a bigger head now.


I love this photo because the is exactly the face Jasper pulls when he is making a Giraffey voice to talk to us, "Hi,HI! I wan go seepy wif Jeppy (I want to go to sleep with Jasper-Jeppy is his nickname)."


When Jasper is super tired or really needing comfort, he put Giraffey's mouth in his mouth. It is one germy habit I have tried to break, to no avail.


My sweet son. It makes my heart feel very tender towards him when I see him being the soft hearted little guy that he is.


And the cool thing Auntie Tina went to Holland and found another "Giraffey" which I have safely tucked away for one day when my little boy has a little boy of his own. How fun is that.

Have a great day....and indulge in a little comfort yourself.