I never would have guessed that I would love photographing seniors this much. Truly.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Jamie, taking his portraits as well as talking with him about what he was doing. He is artistic which always goes over with me and it was fun to discuss his interests and thoughts about where he is headed. Also, it is always impressive to me when someone his age can reciprocate in conversation and ask questions back. Cool guy.

He led me through a trail near his house where he obviously has spent a good deal of time with his buddies through the years. He knew the whole area like the back of his hand. The pond where he and his friend would go frogging. The trench they dug. Where the creek pipes and lakes were. How all the streets intersected with the parts of the trail we were trying to find.

His sweet mom had just one request, that we get a shot of him in a shirt and tie..and we did....and he looked very handsome :). But these are my favorites:

IMG 0984 copywat

IMG 0965 copywat

IMG 0994 copywat

IMG 0986 copy


IMG 0999 copywat

IMG 0973 copywat

And....neither one of us slipped in the water. Rather miraculous on my side.

IMG 1017 copywat

IMG 1019 copywat

Senioritis, anyone?

IMG 1029 copywat

IMG 1037 copywat

Drumroll, please! My favorite....

IMG 1049 copywat

You know, one of my favorite things to do it to spend hours looking at other photographer's work and blogs. I love it, love it. I feel like I have learned so much by others willing to share their expertise. I have been inspired. I have been challenged. One of the things I have definitely noticed is that there are styles from one end of the spectrum to the other, and obviously there is a market for quite a range of approaches. And it's made me want to grow and learn, but also to dig deep down and be me. I don't want to be so stylized that in three years I will look back and sigh at how trendy all my photos look. I want my images to be clean, real, and honest. I want them to show truly how people are and not just how I can pose them. I want to really like my own images.

And working with people like Jamie makes it easy for me to stay true to my ideals. I appreciate those who are confident to be themselves and to enjoy our time together. Thanks, Jamie. My only regret about the afternoon is that no frogs were available :).

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