Last year at our school carnival I was asked to help photograph at the photo booth, along with several other photog moms. It was all organized by Jami, who stayed to help me organize people and costumes during my shift as the traffic was increasing. In between throwing boas around necks, assuring boys that the cowboy hats looked cool, and handing off smiles and moustaches on sticks, we had a few moments to chat. I found out that Jami is a photographer too. I have been following her work for the last year and love to see the personality that she brings out in people. Here's a link to her site and her facebook page :) We bumped into each other at the school auction a few months ago and decided to get together for coffee. This soon morphed into a bit of a "playdate" when we added taking some headshots of each other on top of coffee. Though we were both admittedly much more comfortable behind the camera, we ended up having a lot of fun together as we took turns photographing and then being the one in front of the lens. It's good to practice what we tell others to do!

I'm a big believer in having good images to represent you on websites and facebook pages. Beyond that, I think it's really important for all us to have some good shots of ourselves. Check here for some more information, if you are interested.

Portraits, in my opinion, should really capture some heart and personality too. I hope you can see Jami's warmth, beauty and kindness. She's a gem.

We started off with some fun camera shots and then did a few of just her.

03-IMG 1565 copy


02-IMG 1574 copy


01-IMG 1570 copy


04-IMG 1582 copy


05-IMG 1594 copy


07-IMG 1623 copy


06-IMG 1599 copy


08-IMG 1634 copy


10-IMG 1653 copy


09-IMG 1626 copy

I'm so pleased to have this new photographer friend to swap ideas, encouragement, and information with. Beyond that, to have another mom who also values people and her family as I do is such a blessing! Thanks, Jami, for a super fun afternoon.

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