This is Jackie. She has a very big place in my heart.

She has been my friend for many years, since I worked with her in children's ministry at our church. She used to hug me when I was a poor college student, and tell me that she had signed me up and covered dinners and weekends away. She prayed for me. She gave me great advice. During a season where I was teaching some weekend workshops for our church district, she bought herself tickets to fly with me so she could help me. She doles out love to me and everyone around her like grandmothers dish out dessert. She can make me laugh out loud every time I see her.

There are people who change lives by the intensity by which they love. Jackie has changed many lives by hugging babies, teaching preschoolers to pray, and loving up moms. She has dropped off many bags of groceries for those in tough seasons and spoken hope over many, many hearts.

I love her. My life is richer because of her. Isn't she beautiful?

P. S. If you know her husband, Sonny, don't tell him about this blogpost. This picture is for him for Christmas...I just couldn't resist putting it up and saying nice things about her.

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