Or maybe my kids could sing, "I've been playing on the train tracks...so my mum can take photos...." I took these a few weeks back on our way to church one night. They are tracks right at the bottom of our hill and the light was right so my longsuffering husband pulled to the side of the road and put the blinkers on so we could take a few pictures.

As I learn and grow on this photography journey, I am challenging myself to try different things, to shoot from different angles, to focus on different parts and pieces. to try different lights. I so grew up with the "everyone- smile- and -say -'cheese'- at- the- camera" approach...the "don't-cut-off-the-head" approach, the "everyone-sit-on-the-couch" approach. So I am branching out and trying new things....cutting off heads...letting people just interact...playing around. Some of it I don't like at all. Some of it I love.

I am finding that the more I learn technically, the more I realize I don't know. But what I feel passionate about is the heart and getting that shot that makes my go "YES!" inside. And more often than not, those shots are not the carefully composed images, but the ones that connect emotionally.

IMG 3176 copywat

I am often looking to create images that emphasize sizes of little people which is ever changing.

IMG 3134 copywat

Looking at his sister who he adores.

IMG 3100 copywat

I put them in their places and let them do their thing.

IMG 3141 copywat

IMG 3143 copywat

Sometimes, I look at Tymen and can hardly remember when Ruby was that size. It reminds me to keep on capturing the details of our lives...the quirks...the messes...the victories.

IMG 3157 copywat

These are precious days....and I am grateful.

IMG 3091 copywat