You don’t have a brilliant smile like Liam does without knowing how loved you are and this sweet boy beams all the time.  His nickname, Bug, is so fitting because he is snug as a bug on a rug, he’s an absolute cuddle bug.  I found that when I called him Liam, he barely glance at me but when I called him by his nickname he grinned and clapped his hands.  Elizabeth and Matt are such fantastic parents, super loving and in tune with their boy, and also knowing exactly what his funny buttons are to get him lit up!

We had a very wet, though mild day.  They were super flexible and easy to be with and it was fun for me to catch up.  We started at this bridge, where Liam modeled his crown, to my squeals.  Then we headed to a lovely strip of abandoned railway tracks which ended right behind where I was crawling around on the rocks and railway ties.  Rocks and sticks and trains are the things of little boys and this little boy is taking on the world.

Look out, Liam’s one!

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