My side of the office has neat and tidy piles. His side of the office looks like an explosive has gone off. I can barely dance to save my life. He can seriously cut the rug and is teaching our little girl to swing dance too.

To relax, I organize and putter around the house. He likes to go shoot guns.

I am all over the map, especially when I am stressed. He is even keel.

I can't understand the work that he does for the life of me. I couldn't do the work I do without him.

I am the one our kids go to for comfort and understanding. He's the one they go to for a good time and security.

I read novels to relax every night before I go to bed. He reads tech manuals for fun.

I spoon up to him each night in bed because I am cold. He is so warm when he sleeps that the heat radiates.

I plant the flowers. He mows the grass.

I cook 95% of the meals. He eats everything and thanks me for it.

I like to dream. He likes to make my dreams come true.

I love him.

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Before I met Ben, I hoped for him...but didn't really believe, that he might really be out there. He is absolute proof to me of that scripture that talks about how God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all we ask or desire.

I love you, Baby.

Happy Birthday.