I had a terrible time getting a hold of melons the appropriate size that Baby Center was comparing my growing baby to in the past three weeks that I have been stuck in the house. They were forgotten twice and then Ben got a perfectly sized cantaloupe, which my mum happily carved up for dessert one night this weekend before it was photographed.

So Ben brought home....a six pound pumpkin. Perfect.

36 Weeks. I really was wondering three weeks ago if I would make it this far.

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He also brought along three little pumpkins for my pumpkins and we walked outside to the front yard to get some pumpkin tummy shots.

Tymen, who has the skinniest tummy in town, keeps telling me there is a girl in his tummy. Ruby has recently learned to cross her eyes and takes every opportunity to show off her new skill.

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Tymen works hard to keep his tummy from rolling out from under his shirt.

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The side profile view.

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So I did a little calculation the other day. I started having contractions at 18 weeks, mild ones to be sure, but since then I have been counting and watching the clock for every hour of the day and to my remembrance, there has not been an hour that has gone by where I haven't had between 1-9. As I have gone along, I have had to be careful to slow down and not do too much to increase their intensity and frequency. Counting, counting, counting. Even with the medication and bedrest of the last 3 weeks I have had 3-6 per hour. So with some modest averaging out, I have figured out that I have had between 10,000-12,000 contractions by now. No wonder I feel baked! Whew!

It's the little things that I can't wait to get back to doing: leaving the house (it's been three weeks now!),running to the grocery store, picking up the boys, vacuuming, running a few errands, puttering around my kitchen cooking, taking a walk, going on daytrips with my family. I must say, though, that as stir crazy as I have gotten at times, I have leaned back on the Pollyanna technique of finding something to be thankful for. There have been plenty of things. Recently, I was watching a show about high security prisoners and comparing my comfy bed with internet, books, and kids that cuddle with inmates in solitary confinement, stripped of everything but their cell....and it made me very, very thankful.

What I am mostly thankful for is that we are days and hours (not weeks and months!) away from meeting our pumpkin. I have even put in my order for a pumpkin hat from Oma so that we can take a picture of the real deal, very, very soon.