IMG 0516 copywat Is there anyone among us who watched the movie, Julie and Julia, and did not salivate through the whole thing at the divine array of food? That movie and her cookbook, which my husband kindly got me for my birthday this year, inspired our Christmas dinner 2010.

On a whim, Kelly and I decided that this would be the year that every item would come from the cookbook of Julia Childs. And we would wear pearls! And 1950's aprons for we knew that the butter would fly!

IMG 0529 copywat

We combed through her cookbook and decided upon a menu of:

Prime Rib of Beef with Horseradish Sauce or Au Jus

Turkey Turquie

Choux de Bruxelles a la Milanaise Brussels Sprouts Browned with Cheese

Gratin Jurassien Scalloped Potatoes with Heavy Cream and Cheese

Champignons Sautes a la Bordelaise Mushrooms Sauteed with Shallots, Garlic and Herbs

Salade avec des Oranges Salad with Oranges


Crepes aux Fraises et Chocolate

The night before we huddled over our cookbooks and plans, figuring out a timeline for cooking. We double checked our ingredients and nodded at each other as we confirmed pounds of butter sitting on the refrigerator shelf.

Then at noon on Christmas day, we donned new aprons from Anthropologie (bought on sale, no less!) , strung on our pearls (borrowed from mum) and strode into the kitchen.

We started with a ourselves, naturally, and then tried to figure out how to put in a nifty thermometer into the prime rib, before kicking our dear mother out of the kitchen as she was under instructions to take it easy that day!

IMG 0727 copy

Then we got busy! We peeled, chopped, mixed, basted, poured, scooped and referred back to our cookbook. All the while we managed to keep up our Julia accents which sometimes vacillated to a Miss Piggy accent but it sure did amuse us.

IMG 0749 copy

At any bumps along the culinary road, we would muse, "What would Julia do?"

IMG 0750 copy

We hit an exhaustion point or two and Julia-Kelly got into the cooking wine.

IMG 0763 copywat

We called for some help on the final moments of preparation.

IMG 0799 copy

IMG 0803 copy

This allowed Julia-Kelly the time to strike a pose in the kitchen, as the steam from the turkey wafted through her hair.

IMG 0807 copywat

Then we all sat down to a sumptuous feast. The heavy cream and cheese potatoes we would highly recommend as they were a center of dinner conversation.

IMG 0802 copywat

Julia- Kelly decreed that all who wanted to partake in the crepes with chocolate and fruit were required to go downstairs after dinner to participate in Wii Fit hula hooping. It was a funny pre dessert activity as hips gyrated and family heckled and cheered.

IMG 0820 copywat

It was a glorious night, and we knew that the real Julia was beaming down upon us. Bon appetit!

THAT was fun, Kel!