This whole 365 Project (actually a friend reminded me that it's a leap year) , so 366 Project is reminding me to be conscious of picking up the camera and paying attention to our lives here at home. I really am loving the photos that show our real  lives so much as time goes on. I was just working on my 2011 album and laughed my head off at the picture of Tymen weeping with a chocolaty face, holding up the forbidden Godiva bar that he got caught with. It's the everyday parts of life that get crazy and noisy and messy but I know I'm going to be the kind of old grandma reminiscing in her rocker, forgetting about how desperate I was to get the kids to naptime some days, and remembering just how much fun they were. Two weeks ago, I told Ben to get the camera. I was going to cut Theo's hair. I got a bit bossy, telling him where to stand and what to shoot and he's great about it. He listens but he also does his own thing. I loved what he got. I posted one of these pictures on my FB page and my friends were asking why on earth I didn't give him a lollipop. Aha! Next time!

We started out at Ben's sink and Theo kept turning the water on, of course.

IMG 2547 copy edited-1

Before he scalded his feet, I hugged him and then untwisted the handles.

IMG 2561 copy edited-1

IMG 2569 copy edited-1

We were doing pretty well for a while.

IMG 2581 copy edited-1

Then he started to bounce and wiggle and plopped himself in the sink. No worries as the water couldn't go on.

IMG 2604 copy edited-1

Then the first bit of trouble came when he wanted my comb. He wanted it bad.

IMG 2645 copy edited-1

Really, really bad.

IMG 2646 copy edited-1

I laughed and sent Ruby for a bowl of craisins.

IMG 2651 copy edited-1

That helped.

IMG 2671 copy edited-1

I cut fast while he munched.

IMG 2680 copy edited-1

IMG 2728 copy edited-1

But then he spotted the scissors and wanted them.

IMG 2783 copy edited-1

Really, really badly.

IMG 2799 copy edited-1

So I snipped as fast as I could, sent him with Ben for a nice bath, and then gave him a big bowl of applesauce when I was done cleaning up the bathroom. The applesauce made everything better.

IMG 2807 copy edited-1

I haven't been posting much but I have been one busy girl. I am completing  family photo albums and am working away on my new website. I am so excited to share it soon, hopefully in a week or so :) ! It sure is making me happy to see all those beautiful people I photographed in the second half of 2011. I am excited for 2012!