Two weeks, more or less :) , to go until Baby Isaiah makes his appearance. Parents-to-be for the first time, Aaron and Bethany, are so excited but admit it's hard to wrap their minds around the fact that he's almost here. I love, love talking babies with expectant couples: hearing the plans and thoughts, wondering with them what the new little nugget will look like, and feeling all the anticipation. How can you even love someone so much that you've never met? It's pretty amazing. Aaron and Bethany are friends from our mini church (our small group from our big church that meets every couple weeks). They are exactly the kinds of people that you think, Goodness, those people SHOULD be parents! I was so happy to have the opportunity to meet up with them at their home and then we headed to nearby Redondo Beach.

We did the first set of photos with Flower, who happily inserted herself in between Aaron and Bethany. Isn't she cute??

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IMG 2487 copy

Love this idea Bethany had of what she most often craved. Apples. Apples. Apples. She said the strangest longing one day was olives and angel food cake. Hey, when that's what the baby is ordering, you better eat it, right?

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Oh my goodness, Flower's face made me laugh! Bethany said that she is so used to being photographed that she squints in preparation for the flash. I didn't use a flash but the very big black camera in front of my face made her wary.

IMG 2529 copywat

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Then down to the beach. The midday sun was harsh and pretty tricky to be in, so we wandered down underneath Salty's Restaurant to these cool barnacled beams because the tide was out.

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Isn't Bethany one beautiful mama?

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Barefoot and the waves :) .

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Love this one. They are such a good fit together and it will be so fun to see them with Baby Isaiah, another piece to the puzzle.

IMG 2642 copywat

She's got a cute little baby bump. "Push your tummy up!" I said. "That's as big as I can make it," she replied.

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Before Isaiah got his name, he was dubbed, "Baby Awesome." I know they will be awesome parents to their little peanut. I am sure Flower will think it's awesome and make a little room on the couch too :) .