I remember being in Ruby's kindergarten classroom at the beginning of the year when we were supposed to drop off supplies the day before school started. Both of us were starting to feel overwhelmed by the crush of fifty kids and their parents in one little room, sifting through glue sticks and tissue boxes. And then I heard Ruby let out a jubilant yell, "Isabelle!!!!!!" It was her pal from pre-school who was now in her kindergarten classroom. They gave each other a giant hug in their relief of seeing a familiar face. I was thrilled to see Michalina, Isabelle's mom, too. Now we chat most days as we wait for our girls to come out at 3:05 and I always enjoy seeing her. She's one of those warm people who always has a kind thing to say.

I met up with them to get some family pictures which included Michalina's mom who is in town for a visit.

I remember thinking last year about how much Isabelle looked like her mom. Then I met her dad and thought that she sure looked like him too. Now I think their little beauties are a good mix of both of them.

IMG 1875 copywat

You can tell how much this girl loves her mom and vice versa. Hearing about Dot reminds me of my mom who also jumps in and does dishes and cooks and loves on the kids. What a blessing it is to be loved by your mom at any age!

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This is Lily, a sweet, sweet pumpkin of a girl. You can tell she is comfortably happy with kisses from her mommy.

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Love, LOVE the bottom teeth growing in. What a great smile Isabelle has!

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During this family picture, Lily happily took off her socks and shoes and popped a sock in her mouth.

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Michalina is another wife and mom who is the family photographer...so it's good to get her in lots of pictures.

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I hope you enjoyed your little peek. I'll bring your disk with me to school this week......