First into our family came Ruby Lenore. Oh, how we love our sweet girl.

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Next came Jasper Benjamin. He is indeed a treasure....and he really, really loves ice cream.

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Then came Tymen Christian. Our messy boy delights us all, and creates a LOT of extra work.

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"Who is next???" you ask, and we have wondered. Drumroll, please!

ANOTHER BOY!!! Can you believe it?

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Ben remained neutral in his stance but Ruby, Jasper and I were dead wrong. We were pretty convinced it was a girl, so it helps to know where to head with all our talking and dreaming and planning. We love our girl and we will love another boy to throw in the mix. After all, I am cleaning up a lot of little boy messes. Another one can't be that much more, right?

We know that the Lord gives us the desires of our hearts as we delight ourselves in Him, so we know that this little guy is already planted in our hearts. Now we look forward to meeting him.

Last night I was in the office after the boys were in bed and after some talking back and forth, I heard Tymen say, "Apper?Apper? I-You, Apper. I-You." (Translated: "Jasper? Jasper? I love you, Jasper. I love you.") I am glad there are all these siblings who will love this baby boy.

I must say, though, that as much as Jasper, Ruby and I were wrong with our guess.....we were closer than Tymen. Lately, he's been rubbing my tummy and saying, "Oh, Harley." Farley is my sister's dog. I think he was hoping that I would have a puppy.