Last year at one of my sessions, my friend said, "You really have the most awesome job! You get to see the best in people." I really feel that it's true. What a blessing it is to me to be with people who trust me to photograph the connections of the ones that they love the most. Families are a huge passion of mine and I just love the opportunity to capture those relationships. I feel very lucky to have both families that I have been with multiple times and then to meet new families who really fit my style and the way that I photograph.

I was so happy to meet up with Susan, Craig, Diesel, and Finley. We got together one golden afternoon and Finley marched over in her red sparkly shoes and shook my hand and introduced herself :). I was impressed for sure and Diesel was awesome too. We quickly discovered that he and my son are in kindergarten at the same school. Their warmth and affection for each other made it an absolute treat to photograph them. Having some gorgeous light in the gardens was a bonus too. I often tell my parent photography classes that I am most concerned about capturing authentic portraits and emotion, then lighting and then location. Having all three makes it really easy.

26-Keighron gallery


02-IMG 8927 copy

01-IMG 8920 cop1

03-IMG 8939 copy

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05-IMG 8957 copy

27-Keighron gallery1

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23-IMG 9280c

24-IMG 9290 copy

And of course, the last shot of the two-year-old being....the two-year-old...perfect :)!

25-IMG 9300 copy

I so enjoyed your beautiful family!!