If you are invited to dinner at my house at the end of the month, you may want to think twice. For the second month in a row I was coming to the end of the month and I realized I didn't have our family picture for my 6X12 project. Last month it was Amy and this time it was Haley that had my ten pounds of camera (and lens) dropped in her hands and the daunting task of shooting a picture of six moving targets, the most challenging being me as I bossed everyone around :) . Both of them got some fantastic shots...and I am thankful for kind friends.

I asked Haley if I could take a few pictures of her family too and then got a little carried away. Oh well...

IMG 0833 copyw


IMG 0837 copywat edited-1

IMG 0890 copyw

IMG 0845 copyw

IMG 0882 copyw

IMG 0893 copywat edited-1

IMG 0907 copywat

IMG 0897 copywat edited-1

IMG 0961 copywat

That lip curled over..eek!

IMG 0981 copywat

IMG 0922 copywat


I had heard Haley's name many, many times before I met her. She was friends with a lot of my friends but our paths never crossed until a few months ago at a baby shower where we sat and talked for a good chunk of the afternoon. I find it so amazing to have the kind of genuine connection where my heart feels immediately like we could go on a long 10 hour road trip and never run out of things to talk about. The more time I spend with her, the more I like her. I feel so refreshed by her friendship and so admiring of the way she parents and adores her babies and of how highly she speaks of her husband. She is the real deal and I am thankful, thankful for her.

I also think she and Luke make seriously cute babies. London and Lily are just as sweet natured as they look.

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